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Discovery and Preservation

To document, promote, and preserve the indigenous and endangered linguistic and cultural heritages of the minority and marginalized communities.


Multilingualism and Diversity

To promote multilingualism and linguistic diversity within indigenous and minority communities.

S-DELI Ann Swanson Outing
S-DELI Language Documentation

Our flagship project

Save the Deaf and Endangered Languages Initiative (S-DELI)

We began as S-DELI, documenting indigenous sign languages in Africa and promoting early literacy and access to sign language. Following experiences learned over the years, we have expanded our mission to include endangered spoken languages.

Project Overview

IHAV has multiple projects focused on preserving valuable channels of transcultural exchange and protecting the language rights of vulnerable populations.


Where it all began. S-DELI leads sign language documentation
affairs in Africa (ISLDP1).


IH emerged from S-DELI as a Limited Liability Company that is in charge of our iHands SignApp, which functions as both a web-based pedagogy and a mobile app.


Expected to be launched in 2024, IHAVLiFest will focus more on indigenous spoken language efforts with some sign language elements. This project will span across ISLDP1 and ISLDP2


For eight years now, S-DELI has been a leading organization in the documentation of indigenous sign languages across deaf communities in Africa.


First launched in 2022, iHands holds our archive of indigenous language documentation data from various communities.

Igbo Literacy Project

Igbo Literacy Project is a pilot documentation-based project seeking to create the largest digital and physical library of the Igbo world.

To our valued volunteers; thank you!

We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude for your patience, dedication, and commitment to the organization’s mission. Whether you are a pioneer or a recent volunteer, your time, skills, and efforts have made a remarkable contribution to our vision. Each year, we are achieving milestones we only once dreamed of, and we are thrilled to see what the future holds with you by our side.

S-DELI Volunteers
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